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Health Plan and Benefits Funding Analysis
More and more employers are exploring every possible solution to control costs and minimize risk in healthcare. Meridian HSN’s health and financial management team will perform a complimentary Health Plan Funding Analysis encompassing enrollment, claims, premiums – all relevant data. Based on your retrospective data we will recommend how to establish a strong financial base and return on investment. Our programs increase productivity, retention and benefit satisfaction while lowering health and risk costs. Meridian clients average a 15-20% ROI.

Meridian HSN MDLIVE Telemedicine Plan Difference
Millions of employees across country have access to telemedicine. But to the dismay of most employers usage is minimal. Meridian’s telemedicine program is different. Driving employee usage is our focus. Our program supports any size of company ranging from small employer challenged in offering benefits to the very largest with full coverage, captive, or self-insured plans. Meridian’s telemedicine program is often the only health service employees utilize due to financial conditions and catastrophic coverages. Many insurance plans charge deductibles, co-pays and add usage to premium costs.

Telemedicine Behavioral Health
Life can be tough. Getting help is easy. Schedule a visit with a counselor pr psychiatrist online today and get the help you need 24/7. Managing stress or low self-esteem can be overwhelming, but it’s easier than ever to get help from the comfort of your own home. When you need someone to talk to, speak with a licensed counselor or psychiatrist by phone, secure video, or app anytime, anywhere.

Musculoskeletal Health Management
Musculoskeletal Health Management (MSK) utilizes sports medicine principles for preventing, correcting, and rehabilitating musculoskeletal dysfunctions and injuries for any type of occupation including high risk employees such as firefighters, policemen, and emergency medical services. MSK scans and analysis have become a staple in the workplace in managing annual health and risk costs.

Personal Health Assessment (PHA)
Personal Health Assessment (PHA) is a personalized biometrics designed to inform and inspire the individual. This comprehensive experience provides patients, medical providers, and employers with powerful information designed to kick-start their mission for better health and work comp costs.

RCMOS – Revenue Cycle Management Operating System
This is Underpayment Claims Recovery Program for Hospital and Surgery Centers. Meridian HSN Underpayment Claims Program specializes specifically on the 6-months old and older, zero balance accounts that are filed as ‘PAID IN FULL’. Our teams of forensic auditors use a proprietary process to identify underpaid claims from all insurance companies you are contracted with.

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