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About Us

Since 2000 Meridian HSN has served hospitals, states/cities and Fortune 1000 companies with Point of Care solutions surrounding Healthcare and Risk management. Our unique blend of providers and services aid in controlling ER Triage costs while providing long term results in managing chronic care costs.

Meridian’s ground breaking Risk Resources provide healthcare and company leadership with critical health, safety, and injury prevention resources highlighted with weekly spark messages. Igniting and maintaining a culture of health, safety and injury prevention is a daily practice that delivers employee/family satisfaction, retention and lower health and risk costs.

Meridian HSN MDLIVE Telemedicine Plan Difference
Millions of employees across country have access to telemedicine. But to the dismay of most employers usage is minimal. Meridian’s telemedicine program is different. Driving employee usage is our focus. Our program supports any size of company ranging from small employer challenged in offering benefits to the very largest with full coverage, captive, or self-insured plans. Meridian’s telemedicine program is often the only health service employees utilize due to financial conditions and catastrophic coverages. Many insurance plans charge deductibles, co-pays and add usage to premium costs.

The Meridian HSN Medical and Benefit Plan
Enhance your compensation package with non-traditional and lifestyle benefits. Our programs can meet up to 80%+ of everyday healthcare needs. Improve productivity, decrease absenteeism and boost moral without straining the bottom line.

Leadership Risk Management Resource System
Meridian’s Leadership Risk Management Resource System combines the nation’s leading experts and tools to pro-actively meet compliance guidelines while elevating and maintaining a company culture of health, safety and injury prevention.

Meridian HSN American Red Cross OSHA Compliance Training
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 4,690 people died in 2010 from workplace injuries, and another 3.1 million workers suffered on-the-job injuries and illnesses. Six workers are injured every minute, so it’s critical for employees to be able to respond to an injured co-worker immediately and with the confidence that comes from good training.

Gameplan for Health & Safety
The Gameplan for Health & Safety is an online membership coaching platform that provides company leadership and managers with critical health, safety, and injury prevention resources. Safety training achieves compliance, but consistent coaching influences behaviors.

Legacy Claims Solutions
Meridian’s Legacy Claim Solutions (LCS) Program and partners stand ready to assist you in resolving every facet of your longstanding legacy files. In addition to our jurisdictional and workers’ compensation expertise, our team of professionals also maintains a keen understanding of proper Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) compliance protocols within a workers’ compensation settlement.

Underpayment Claims Recovery Program for Hospital and Surgery Centers
Meridian HSN Underpayment Claims Program specializes specifically on the 6-months old and older, zero balance accounts that are filed as ‘PAID IN FULL’. Our teams of forensic auditors use a proprietary process to identify underpaid claims from all insurance companies you are contracted with.

The Meridian HSN On-site Clinics
The rising cost of healthcare is one of the biggest threats to corporate growth in America today. While companies work to control operational costs; healthcare costs are expected to increase in the coming years. More and more employers are exploring every possible solution to control costs and minimize risk in healthcare