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Since 2000 Meridian HSN has been assisting Fortune 1000 businesses, hospitals, physician offices, states, cities, schools in managing, expanding, and lowering health and risk costs through our network of services.

Our Accountable Care Organization approach combines the nation’s leading healthcare providers into one resource. Our nationally recognized network is made up of health care providers, diagnostic equipment, facility partner programs, telemedicine, behavioral telemedicine services, and Chronic Disease Management.

Meridian clients average 20-30% savings on health and risk management costs compared to average industry costs. Meridian benefits average a 98% employee approval rating.

Our clients and provider partners include State provider contracts, International Distribution, National and State Council of Self Insurers, Healthcare Networks, PRIMA, NAHU members, First Nations, Philips, Walmart Health, Connect America, and the American Red Cross. Our provider and client bases touch over 34 million employees and families across the country.

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