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Meridian Medical Billing

One of the biggest challenges for physicians today is balancing the role between physician and business person.

Maximize collections, lower expenses and reduce your time to payment with Meridian Medical Billing

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Meridian Medical Billing enables you to eliminate all charge entry and patient demographic updates, as well as payment posting.
A dedicated team of Account Representatives will enter all charges, perform claims scrubbing, post payments, bill patients, and most importantly, follow-up on all denials. In addition …

  • Electronic and Paper Claims Filing – Manage all data entry, claims and claims tracking for you. We have the capability to transmit claims electronically to thousands of insurance carriers.
  • Claim Follow-up is a priority – Our staff regularly follows-up on the progress of your claims to make sure you are receiving prompt, correct payments.
    Advanced Claims Review System – Advanced claims scrubber identifies and corrects errors and omissions before claims are submitted. The results are reduced denials and faster reimbursement.
    → EMR Compatibility – Our software has the capability to integrate with any existing EMR system.
    → Patient Invoicing, Collection, and Inquiries – Monthly statements are sent to patients with remaining balances. Additionally, our dedicated staff handles all patient phone requests, billing inquiries, and necessary follow-up calls.
    → Financial Reporting – Provide your practice with financial and practice analysis reports available in the industry today. Custom reports can be generated at your request, and a wide range of standard reports are instantly available.
    → Remote Access – We provide internet access to all of your account information, giving you direct visibility over patient data, current charges and balances, as well as financial performance.
    → Claim Adjudication – Only 70% of the average medical practice’s insurance claims are ever paid by carriers. We aggressively monitor and access EOBs and payments to ensure the highest possible reimbursement rate.

Meridian’s Medical Billing solutions enable physicians to increase financial and operational performance, streamline workflows, and gain better insight through data, resulting in improved collections while reducing administrative burdens and operating costs.


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