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Meridian HSN Behavioral Services

Life can be tough. Getting help is easy. Schedule a visit with a counselor pr psychiatrist online today and get the help you need 24/7.

Managing stress or low self-esteem can be overwhelming, but it’s easier than ever to get help from the comfort of your own home. When you need someone to talk to, speak with a licensed counselor or psychiatrist by phone, secure video, or app anytime, anywhere.

Meridian HSN Behavioral Services – Our program includes 3 talk therapy sessions per household per year at $0 co-pay.

Our behavioral services include Psychiatric Diagnostic Evaluation, Office Outpatient 25 Minutes Medication Therapy Management, and Psychotherapy PhD/PsyD/MA/MS sessions. Once the member/household has utilized their $0 co-pay sessions, they can choose to continue on a private treatment plan, with the therapist at their own expense at discounted rates.

Meridian HSN Telemedicine and Behavioral Services can be bundled or contracted separately. Pricing is based on a PEPM basis.

For more information contact:
Meridian Health Services Network 1-800-994-1143