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Revenue Recovery System (RRS)

Meridian HSN and RRS can HELP with our proprietary underpayment claims recovery software.

Q: Are insurance companies paying you correctly?

Meridian HSN and our Revenue Recovery System can help verify if insurance companies and Medicare are paying you correctly and help recover lost revenue.

Our proprietary RSS technology system identifies and recovers underpayments, manages denials, overpayment fines, responses, automates appeals, requests, and is a contract modeler in negotiating more favorable contracts.

In addition:

  • Our service enables medical providers to recover current and past underpayments going back to the last 12 months of zero balance claims.
  • The majority of contracts allow providers to appeal claims that have been underpaid or paid incorrectly for up to 12 months from the last response by the insurer.
  • After 12 months, they will expire, at which point you will never be able to bill or collect those underpayments.

Our clients see on average increase of 10%+ in annual revenues through payor underpayment recoveries, as well as 6-8% increase in underpaid Medicare payments. These are found dollars after claims have been fully processed, checked and rechecked by all facility resources such as EMR, billing systems, clearing houses and classified as zero balance.

Our Revenue Recovery System (RRS) and support team reviews every item within a claim encompassing payor contracts, addendums, fee schedules, CPT updates, and clearing houses providing a forensic third-party audit analysis that maximizes claims recovery along with support data for fiduciary reports. Our audit requires minimal time from clients. While many systems require clients to load their information, we load all contract methodologies into our Platform expediting the process and recovery of funds.*

*Subject to terms of the work agreement

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