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Leadership Risk Management Resource System

Leadership / Compliance / Culture

Meridian’s Leadership Risk Management Resource System combines the nation’s leading experts and tools to pro-actively meet compliance guidelines while elevating and maintaining a company culture of health, safety and injury prevention.

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OSHA Compliance
We begin with OSHA Compliance, Health and Safety mandates. As an American Red Cross (ARC) National Provider, Meridian coordinates and delivers ARC OSHA compliance training, health and safety resources. Every year, the American Red Cross provides emergency training to more than 7 million people. The Red Cross is the country’s premier provider of OSHA-compliant health and safety training. Our clients gain national account pricing, support and one stop shopping for all Health/Safety/OSHA training.
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Leadership Resource for Building & Maintaining Company Culture
Build upon compliance with the Meridian Gameplan for Living (GPL) Resource

This ground breaking first of its kind leadership resource facilitates lower workers compensation and risk costs through maintaining a company culture of health, safety and injury prevention. It builds upon compliance which is established through our American Red Cross.
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Legacy Claims Solutions
Meridian’s Legacy Claim Solutions (LCS) Program and partners stand ready to assist in resolving every facet of your longstanding legacy files. In addition to our jurisdictional and workers’ compensation expertise, our team of professionals also maintains a keen understanding of proper Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) compliance protocols within a workers’ compensation settlement.

Our primary focus as your legacy claim resolution partner is to help you navigate the waters surrounding these claims, and proper Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) compliance plays a key role in that process. LCS has created a successful method of addressing the MSP component of your file while continuing our push towards settling your claim in its entirety. Additionally, by referring a legacy claim to our team for our settlement services, the Medicare Set Aside (MSA) for that case could be absolutely FREE upon settlement of your case! Bottom line we help our clients bring “old-dog cases” to a swift resolution within months rather than years. Utilizing LCS proprietary software our team generates average savings exceeding 50% of present value and nearly 70% of future exposure.
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