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Underpayment Claims Recovery Program

Q: Are insurance companies paying you correctly?

Meridian HSN (MHSN) and Evolution can HELP! With our proprietary Underpaid Claims Analysis.

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We can recover up to 3–10% of your institutions revenue in UNDERPAYMENTS from your ZERO BALANCE claims.

Underpayment Claims Recovery Program identifies and recovers underpayments, manages denials, automates appeals and successfully negotiates more favorable contracts. Meridian HSN Underpayment Claims Program specializes specifically on the 6-months old and older, ZERO balance accounts that are filed as “PAID IN FULL.”

Our teams of forensic specialists use a proprietary software program to identify underpaid claims from all insurance companies you are contracted with. Meridian’s Analytics team will perform the analysis at no cost to you! Minimum facility time. Our team assists on-site or online in uploading your contracts and 835-electronic billing records through our proprietary encryption platform, which uses the highest HIPAA standards. Our forensic process will identify all underpaid claims, enabling our team to appeal and collect every dollar owed by insurers. Our program includes expedited payment options.* A refundable deposit is required to begin analysis.

The majority of contracts allow providers to appeal claims that have been underpaid or paid incorrectly for up to 12 months from the last response by the insurer. After 12 months, they will expire, at which point you will never be able to bill or collect those underpayments!

Key Features of the Program:

  • There is no cost to your budget! Our fee comes directly out of the recovered funds.
  • This is NOT an analysis of your organization or its processes. Rather, it is an analysis of the insurance company’s practices and their underpayments based on your contracts with them. It pinpoints where your payors are not meeting their obligations to you under your contracts
  • There is minimum facility staff time. We will even come onsite and upload your 835’s for you.
  • We will continue to run this analysis on a monthly basis for you to capture all underpayments on an ongoing basis! This will help ensure that your organization is getting every dollar that it is owed.

With shrinking reimbursement your organization needs to collect EVERY dollar possible! Our analysis can help ensure that you are maximizing your collections.

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