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Meridian HSN Telemedicine

With Meridian HSN Telemedicine, you can offer employees access to a nationwide network of US Board Certified physicians, available for live visits over mobile or web, whenever you need them. Telemedicine visits cost less than ER, urgent care, or even in-office doctor visits – and they save employees 2-3 hours per consult. Best of all, employees love it.

Physicians – Nationwide network, right now

A great patient experience begins with the doctors. That’s why we offer access to a national network of US, Board-certified physicians. These doctors are credentialed, certified, and trained to practice online. Their “website manner” goes a long way: patients rate our doctors 4.7 on a 5-point scale – “Excellent”

  • Credentialed per NCQA and AHRQ
  • 15 years average time in practice
  • Professional profile online
  • Visible past patient ratings
  • Live consultations, right now
  • Available 24/7/365
  • Nationwide

Technology – Healthcare made easy

Open the app, log on, or pick up the phone. That’s all it takes to get the right care at the right time. Making it easy to get care is actually pretty hard. Our Patented system speaks the complex “language of healthcare, so your employees don’t have to.

  • Web, mobile and telephone access
  • No special hardware or software required
  • Automated claims and eligibility processing
  • SureScripts past prescriptions
  • Clinical insight and care continuity
  • HIPAA-compliant and secure
  • Integration with Apple’s Health app

Engagement  – Awareness. Adoption. Usage.

It’s all about being top-of-mind when a healthcare concern arises. That’s why we have a tried-and-true program to engage your employees. Key elements of the engagement package include:

  • On-line enrollment
  • eMail enrollment program
  • Direct mail postcard
  • In-office posters, desk drops, mobile app cards
  • Ongoing member emails
  • FAQs

With Meridian HSN Telemedicine … You and your employees save money, save time.

More on the Physicians, Technology & Engagement.

  • On-The-Go
    Your employees can access Meridian HSN Telemedicine using iPhone, iPad or Android, with an intuitive interface and access to the same doctor network they see on the kiosk or the web – it’s all on system
  • Online
    When you offer a valuable benefit to employees, you want them to know its part of the employment experience. What better way than to offer telemedicine through your own branded telemedicine practice?
  • Better Access
    There’s a shortage of doctors, and it’s growing – making it harder to get an appointment and increasing wait times. Employers feel the pain in the form of increased absenteeism and decreased productivity. Meridian Telemedicine HSN is designed to eliminate all of this, with simple, convenient healthcare, available when and where patients need it.
  • Care Made Easy
    A doctor visit on your terms. It’s no secret that healthcare can be challenging. Same day appointments are hard to get, and alternatives are not much better. Seeking care after hours or on weekends often leads patients to urgent care, or worse – the ER. Meridian HSN Telemedicine makes it easy to find and consult with a doctor, so fewer people end up in the ER for minor complaints – and more people stay on the job during the workday.
  • Save Money
    It’s no secret that healthcare, even for the most basic needs, can be very expensive. Primary care doctor visits average $131. Urgent care averages $163 and ER visits can be $1,477 and up. Meridian HSN Telemedicine is designed to eliminate a lot of the cost for non-emergency visits by using the most affordable care settings: the workplace and home. It’s a victory for your bottom line.
    *Source: http://journals.plos.org/http://www.nihcr.org/
  • Save Time
    96% of employees that use Meridian HSN Telemedicine save time addressing their healthcare concerns, and they save an average of 2-3 hours. Half use the service during traditional business hours; the other half are roughly split between weekday evenings and mornings and weekends. Bottom line: day or night, employees save time away from work and family. No wonder satisfaction is so high.
  • On-site
    Our elegant touch screens kiosk makes it possible to offer a private, secure place for healthcare at work. And it costs just a fraction of the cost to operate an onsite clinic. The self-contained, self-sanitizing unit includes biometric devices and remote exam tools.

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