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Risk Management – Predictive Analytics Programs

Analytics and Risk Management is evolving. All health and risk management providers include analytic programs but to truly get an understanding of risk and cost you must integrate your data across your employee base from healthcare to workers compensation.

Integrated In-house analytics is one of the most powerful management resources. Every employee base is different: age mix, quantity, geography, demographics, company culture; the mix is unending. With Risk management we face the same challenges workers compensation claims have wide ranging costs, disability claims, pharmacy costs, mitigation expenses – nothing in Analytics and Risk management is boiler plate. Management needs resources that engaged, compile, and disseminate data and solutions enabling managers to have the information to make informed and timely decisions.

Meridian HSN consults, listens, and gathers information to build and support management teams and their employees. Understanding all the pieces of a company enables Meridian to build customized in-house analytic dash boards which integrates and delivers real time information and databased solutions.

More about our Consulting and Project Management Division

Our project management team integrates our national and local resources, wellness and partner programs at the management and employee levels. Understanding the DNA of employee bases – their healthcare, workers comp, and disability and mitigation exposure enables real time databased solutions to on-site resources.

Once solutions are in place Meridian engages employees through in-house integrated on-site programs. The Meridian difference delivers a 96% average employee participation rate well above the national average of 55%. We have a 98-100% employee satisfaction and deliver $2000 or more per employee and dependents in annual dollar savings on healthcare and risk management costs. Our clients save millions of dollars annually have higher employee morale and productivity and less absenteeism do to healthcare issues.
For over 16 years our winning team of national and regional Meridian HSN consultants, national and local health partners have become the perfect partner and resource for employee management. CEOs, CFOs, City Managers, County and School districts, HR, Workers Comp, Disability and In-house counsels all benefit from our analytics, health and wellness programs. Leveraging the strategic advantage of In-house integrated analytics and engaged risk management programs is our passion and goal for every client and their employees.

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