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Every month Meridian hosts Injury Prevention, Health and Wellness classes at clients’ and Meridian locations – “Anywhere/Anytime” across the country. Our target market is the 31% of the nation’s employees generating 85% of the workers compensation and healthcare costs. Our classes can take up to a 20% bite out of those costs per employer.

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Meridian’s cutting edge format eliminates the high cost and management challenges employers face in designing in-house injury prevention and wellness programs, webinars, and online resources. Meridian’s engaged classes are taught by local and national health professionals. We deliver high value, short session formats, great pricing and have great employee approval ratings.

There is no minimum employee attendance required and many insurance plans reimburse employers for our classes. National statistics show employers utilizing Meridian class formats average up to $10 return in savings for every class dollar spent in lower employer absenteeism, workers compensation and healthcare costs.

  • Class prices range from around $25 – $45 per attendee based on class size
  • There are extras such as spine scans and class length
  • We can make it work for any size employee group.
  • All classes can be customized to fit schedules and budgets.


Our class listings start with our 2 most popular classes:

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See Class Descriptions below for INJURY PREVENTION and CHRONIC DISEASE MANAGEMENT Classes


Spine Health: Injury and Pain Prevention and Management Practices: Your body and all its independent parts, organs and systems moves together to exist as one efficient system. Your spine is literally the backbone of this wonderful structure. It functions to provide movement, support, protection, coordination and control. Most underestimate the relationship between a healthy spine and other system, such as digestive, immune, endocrine and many others. Most fail to realize that you can use the spine and network as a conductor for pain management, as well as alleviation of other chronic conditions. This class provides the basics of spine health and the various ways chiropractic care cannot just improve the health of your spine, but your overall health & well-being.
This class includes:

  • Proper lifting/ ergonomics both general and lifting/daily movements/general stamina and strength exercises for anyone age 20-70 working outside or behind a desk/ ways to measure your success/nutrition/stress.
  • Every day our spines and brains can affect back pain we examine and discuss all the issues and resources to combat these costly and painful issues.


Chronic Conditions: Prevent, Treat, Manage and Eliminate: Diabetes, Hypertension, Effects of High Cholesterol, Overweight & Obesity, Tobacco Usage – Understand these conditions and more, all in an effort to eliminate risk and promote overall health & well-being. In this class, you’ll learn all about the 5 main preventable health markers, as well as chronic conditions, issues and ailments that they can lead to if not kept in check. We’ll review body weight, fat and measurements; and how being overweight and obese is the number one precursor to a whole host of chronic conditions. We’ll also review cholesterol and help you understand the difference between good and bad cholesterols, as well as triglycerides; and the role cholesterol plays in your overall health. Blood pressure will be our next topic in helping you understand the role it plays in potentially deadly conditions such as heart disease, stroke and hypertension. Blood sugar management and maintenance will also be discussed and how glucose plays a role in overall health, and not just in diabetics. Finally, we’ll review tobacco and nicotine and how they can dramatically impact health.

  • BONUS: A wellness coach will be available throughout the class to offer blood pressure readings, as well as weight, body fat and body measurements.
  • BONUS: Receive a free copy of a digital “WellCheck Packet”. It walks you through getting a WellCheck visit from your provider, what to look for in your results and how to track success.
  • This class can be customized by disease or condition. We keep it simple with 1 hour sessions.


  1. Contact Meridian HSN at 1-800-994-1143 or send us an email – CLICK HERE
  2. Tell us what location you would like to enroll employees. How many and which class sessions. You can share their names which we will match at the class or simply how many you would like to pay for. If you give us names you may also substitute individuals anytime.
  3. We e-mail you a confirmation and invoice for enrollment and payment. You can make your enrollment payment immediately through our online invoicing and payment system.
  4. Classes are limited in size – enrollment is not guaranteed until payment is received by Meridian HSN. Due to class size limitations there are no refunds.
  5. Begin experiencing the great ROI gained through Meridian HSN’s Wellness classes delivering healthier happier employees!

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