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Behavioral EAP Programs

Meridian HSN’s Guidance Resources program provides the world’s largest employee assistance services, equipping employees with the resources and guidance to deal with life’s stresses. Our “Build-to-Suit” solutions for Employee Assistance Program (EAP), work-life, behavioral health, absence management and wellness address the unique challenges and needs of each organization.

The Guidance Resources Program provides a turnkey solution for employee benefits. It includes seamlessly integrated employee assistance, behavioral health, wellness, work-life, crisis intervention and absence management services, plus program administration and annual reporting within an economically priced package.

Work-Life Guidance Resources Program

Seamlessly integrated, our Work-Life Guidance Resources Program supports employees through just about any issue.

Employees and their family members have 24/7 access seven days a week to support team on issues regarding behavioral and emotional health, family, legal, financial, wellness or other personal matters via our toll-free line or email. Support includes local in-person EAP assessment, referral counseling and brief treatment

  • Management Referrals – When management needs to refer an employee to the EAP, referral specialists assist managers/supervisors or HR professionals throughout the process. Referrals can be either informal or formal.
  • Critical Incident Support – 24-hour critical incident department deals exclusively with events such as natural disasters, fatal accidents and corporate restructuring. Our specialized team will consult with managers, helping them to develop an action plan, facilitating on-site services, if necessary, and conducting follow-up calls with affected parties.

Work-Life Services

Through Meridian’s fully integrated Guidance Resources Program, we offer support and resources for family, legal and financial issues, as well as our EAP and CISM services.

  • Online Services – In addition to obtaining help through the toll-free line, employees have information, advice and tools at their fingertips through our Guidance Resources with subjects such as health and wellness, family, relationships, career, education, personal finances, laws and regulations, home and auto, marriage, adoption or retirement.
  • Program Management – Included in every program are comprehensive program management and administration services. Our account management team will implement and maintain the program. They’ll also coordinate communications, training and annual reporting.

Innovative Program Options & Telemedicine

Meridian can bundle any and all of our network programs together for additional savings. Guidance Resources and TeleMedicine programs are a popular bundle. The Meridian HSN Telemedicine Family Package provides discounted physician consultations and access 24-7 in minutes from anywhere anytime via phone, on-line and smart phone.

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