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About Us

Meridian Health Services Network was established in 2000 as a national provider of hospital discharge planning resources and workforce injury prevention services. Today Meridian HSN continues to break new ground with state-of-the-art hospital underpayment claims recovery program, workforce risk management services and discharge management resources. Our on-site implementation and support teams make the Meridian difference every day.

Underpayment Claims Recovery Program for Hospital and Surgery Centers
Meridian HSN Underpayment Claims Program specializes specifically on the 6-months old and older, zero balance accounts that are filed as ‘PAID IN FULL’. Our teams of forensic auditors use a proprietary process to identify underpaid claims from all insurance companies you are contracted with.

Gameplan for Living Health & Safety Resource
The Gameplan for Living is an online membership coaching platform that provides company leadership and managers with critical health, safety, and injury prevention resources. Safety training achieves compliance, but consistent coaching influences behaviors.

Meridian HSN American Red Cross OSHA Compliance Training
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 4,690 people died in 2010 from workplace injuries, and another 3.1 million workers suffered on-the-job injuries and illnesses. Six workers are injured every minute, so it’s critical for employees to be able to respond to an injured co-worker immediately and with the confidence that comes from good training.

Risk Management – Predictive Analytics Programs
Analytics and Risk Management is evolving. All health and risk management providers include analytic programs but to truly get an understanding of risk and cost you must integrate your data across your employee base from healthcare to workers compensation.

Meridian HSN Telemedicine
With Meridian HSN Telemedicine, you can offer employees access to a nationwide network of US Board Certified physicians, available for live visits over mobile or web, whenever you need them. Telemedicine visits cost less than ER, urgent care, or even in-office doctor visits – and they save employees 2-3 hours per consult. Best of all, employees love it.

Workplace Wellness Classes and Programs
Every month Meridian hosts Injury Prevention, Health and Wellness classes at clients’ and Meridian locations – “Anywhere/Anytime” across the country. Our target market is the 31% of the nation’s employees generating 85% of the workers compensation and healthcare costs. Our classes can take up to a 20% bite out of those costs per employer.

Behavioral EAP Programs
Meridian’s Guidance Resources program provides the world’s largest employee assistance services, equipping employees with the resources and guidance to deal with life’s stresses. Our “Build-to-Suit” solutions for Employee Assistance Program (EAP), work-life, behavioral health, absence management and wellness address the unique challenges and needs of each organization.