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About Us

Meridian Health Services Network was established in 2000 as a national provider of health, wellness and injury prevention services for employers and senior care providers. Meridian’s cutting edge classes and services continue to break new ground in aiding our clients in lowering healthcare and workers compensation costs. While most employers continue to see their risk costs rise Meridian HSN clients see their risk costs lower and stabilize with healthier employees and less injuries.

Our success is driven by our national and local medical professionals delivering our state of the art engaged classes and preventive services. Our motto of Health, Wellness and Injury Prevention delivered Anytime Anywhere is echoed by all of Meridian’s partners and providers daily.

The workforce resources of tomorrow are here today …

Meridian HSN Risk Management and Predictive Analytics

Through our national partner ELM and their proprietary software Meridian HSN is helping companies, hospitals, cities and states lower their risk costs by thousands to millions of dollars annually though Predictive Analysis Management, Biometrics, Health and Workers Compensation Plan Management, Telemedicine, Work-Life Resources, Guidance Resource, On-site Clinic and Utilization Support.

Meridian HSN Telemedicine

The use of telehealth is now an everyday staple in healthcare. 80% of all US companies have it included in their health plans. Access to physicians through mobile, web and phone has become an everyday occurrence saving millions in healthcare visit costs by both employee and employer. Meridian HSN is active in working with physicians and hospitals in enrolling themselves for reimbursement as well as working directly with employers and employees.

Meridian HSN Health, Wellness & Injury Prevention Classess

Meridian HSN is pleased to announce our 2017 line up of classes. Every month Meridian hosts Injury Prevention, Health and Wellness classes at clients’ and Meridian locations – “Anywhere/Anytime” across the country. Our target market is the 31% of the nation’s employees generating 85% of the workers compensation and healthcare costs. Our classes can take up to a 20% bite out of those costs per employer. Meridian’s cutting edge format eliminates the high cost and management challenges employers face in designing in-house injury prevention and wellness programs, webinars, and online resources.

Meridian HSN Video Coaching

Our newest resource, Meridian HSN Video Coaching, is now available for immediate release. We are always looking for new and innovative ways to provide clients with the information and tools they need to motivate desired behaviors, leverage technology and create a safe and healthy workplace. Meridian HSN Video Coaching contains hundreds of videos on topics ranging from back injury prevention and ergonomics for employees to effective safety leadership strategies for managers, supervisors and leads. With a subscription, team members receive regularly scheduled texts or e-mails that provide a critical “tap on the shoulder” designed to drive engagement and keep safety and ergonomics “top of mind.”

Meridian HSN Behavioral Work Life Resources

Behavioral Work Life Resources EAP Division- Meridian’s Guidance Resources program provides the world’s largest employee assistance services through our national partner ComPsych equipping employees with the resources and guidance to deal with life’s stresses.