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Meridian Health Services Network was established in 2000 as a national provider of health, wellness and injury prevention services for employers and senior care providers. Meridian’s cutting edge classes and services continue to break new ground in aiding our clients in lowering healthcare and workers compensation costs. While most employers continue to see their risk costs rise, Meridian HSN clients see their risk costs lower and stabilize with healthier employees and less injuries.

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Risk Management – Predictive Analytics Programs – LEARN MORE

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Health and Wellness Classes, Programs and Activities

Meridian HSN offers an unlimited choice of pre-designed and customized health and wellness classes and programs for communities, business and senior living centers.

Risk Management - Predictive Analytics Programs

Health and Risk Management strategies are evolving bringing positive effects to workforces through lower workers compensation, healthcare, disability and litigation costs while increasing benefits and employee productivity.

Behavioral - Work Life EAP Program

Our “Build-to-Suit” solutions for Employee Assistance Program (EAP), work-life, behavioral health, absence management and wellness address the unique challenges and needs of each organization.

Telehealth - Telemedicine

Access to physicians through mobile, web and phone has become an everyday occurrence saving millions in healthcare visit costs by both employee and employer.

Dementia Care Certification Classes

Meridian offers a full online of Person Centered Dementia Training and Certification Programs through our national partner Healthcare Interactive.

Meridian HSN – Lifeline

Your Meridian HSN representative can provide you Meridian HSN Lifeline trifolds, flyers and information throughout the year for direct patient distribution.